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Have you ever heard of a bardominium? Barndominium is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon in Texas that has made its way to the Midwest of the country. This neologism is a mixture of barn and condo: designed to look like a barn, but with all the amenities of a home. aIt is often referred to as “barn house” or “barn with living quarters.” Barndominiums may be made of steel frames or wooden frames and are built with an open floor plan and barns such as rustic wooden stairs and sliding barn doors, wide ceiling beams. Barn homes are usually constructed as a vacation home or a weekend retreat, but may also be used as main living quarters. With this luxurious home, being “raised in a barn” will soon become a compliment!

When building a barn at home, it’s important to choose the perfect layout for you and your family to fit all your needs. Know how many rooms you need in your bardominium, and how many bathrooms you need. If you’re going to build a multi-level barn with living quarters, determine which rooms you want upstairs. Many barn houses have an open loft that can act as an office or living space.

As for the living room, kitchen, and dining area, the barndominium floor plans typically combine these three spaces into one large, open area. This way, your family can communicate with each other no matter where you are in your home, but still have the privacy of a bedroom bathroom, or office space in other areas of your barn house.

Austin Metal Roofing can come up with a personalized barndominium floor plan to suit your needs. We have a team of highly skilled and seasoned general contractors and project managers who can work with you from start to finish.

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You possibly already have a pretty good perspective on the various benefits of barndominiums, but let’s take a closer look at the factors why you should find a metal building kit for your next residence.

You can build a home that suits any property. Whether you need to go for small or large, choosing a barndominium means that you are free to choose. You could have a huge estate if you have a large family, or you could go for something tiny and comfortable. Flexibility and customizability are two ways in which a larger barndominium will equal, if not exceed, a small home. While small houses work for some people, they could not match barndominiums when it comes to privacy and space.

One advantage of smaller systems over larger ones was customizability. The explanation that most millennials choose smaller houses is that they can be easily configured to suit the personalities and needs of their occupants.

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Barn-style homes have demonstrated that larger structures can also be flexible. With a barndominium, you could customize the layout of the structure according to your needs. For example, you can reserve part of the building to act as living quarters, while another can be developed into a room for work or leisure. Some people also use a portion of their barndominium as a traditional barn to add a more authentic rural appeal.

It is also simpler and more convenient to make improvements to a barndominium. Are you an outdoor person? Go ahead and set up a deck around the house! With barn-style houses, there are infinite possibilities in terms of what you could do with them.

Interested in a Barndominium for your property in Central Texas? Call us today so we can offer you with options that will suit your needs and preferences.

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Another great attribute of barndominiums is their unrivaled spacious architecture. High ceilings, a continuous flow of air and light, and a sense of spaciousness are common features associated with barn-style homes. This provides you the flexibility to arrange your home decor the way you want, so you never have to struggle with the feelings of being cramped or stifled.

Rural-inspired exterior and interior designs are one of America’s hottest trends in home design right now. If you build it in the countryside or find a way around suburban and exurban zoning limits, once you move inside your barndominium, you’ll find yourself lost in its rustic atmosphere. Imagine this as your little piece of land, wherever you want to build it.

In fact, if you’re a collector of handmade decorative items like wicker furniture and antique dishwares, here you will notice that they suit your barndominium perfectly.
While we’ve mainly talked about barndominiums as residences, they can be designed for other purposes as well. With their exceptional flexibility, customizability, and design transparency, bardominiums are well adapted for use as community centers, corporate meeting rooms, bars, stores, restaurants, and even religious buildings such as a church.

If you are looking for an established contractor who can build your barndominium for you, give us a call. From installation to repairs to coating, we can do it all. We are more than just simple contractors, we are the best there is in Central Texas because our clients deserve only the best–you deserve only the best.

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